Air with Designation of Origin. Audi A3 Cabrio.

Cliente: Audi 
Año: 2014
Rol: Senior Copywriter at DoubleYou

To launch the New A3 Cabrio, we wanted to create a campaign that would capture the essence of driving this convertible model. We did this by creating a unique product: a collection of air with designation of origin. Four cans of air, each with a fragrance inspired by a different Spanish landscape.

We created an e-shop and an interactive vending machine to sell the air cans. The e-shop was accessible through tweets and Facebook posts, and the vending machine was located at airports and other events.

  • Over 27,000 cans were ordered online.
  • Over 40,000 cans were distributed at various events.
  • The campaign generated over 12,000 mentions on social networks, blogs and magazines.
  • And the average interest in the model on increased by 36%.

This campaign was shortlisted for two awards: Best Integrated Campaign at the Inspirational Festival and Best Social Media Campaign at the El Sol Festival.