Merry Fake Christmas. DoubleYou.

Cliente: DoubleYou
Año: 2019
Rol: Creative Director at DoubleYou

In a world where reality and fiction are confused, at the time of fake news and post-truth, we decided to use technology to create 3 Christmas messages that would represent a reality that many of us would like to live.
A controversial and innovative project that brought together the 3 offices of the agency (Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico), with which DoubleYou became one of the first agencies, if not the first, to use Deep Fake technology in a project of communication.

"It would be nice to see Donald Trump supporting immigration."

"It would be nice to see the leader of the spanish extreme right-wing party advocating sexual freedom."

"It would be nice to see the president of the Spanish government announce final measures against corruption".

The campaign was awarded gold in the Self-promotion category at the LAUS awards.